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Roller door systems

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At heroal, you can find roller doors, overhead doors and roller grilles made from aluminium alloys. We deliver economical solutions for industrial, commercial and residential buildings which can be fully integrated into the architecture and are easy to operate. All heroal roller door systems are TÜV-tested and CE-certified.

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Door systems for the future

heroal roller door systems are setting the standards of tomorrow. Our doors achieve the best results in terms of:

  • Opening and closing speed
  • Energy efficiency
  • Service life
  • Protection against hail and storms
  • Burglary resistance
  • Soundproofing (extremely quiet operation)

Quality, made in Germany

heroal products are developed and manufactured in Germany. We only use the best aluminium alloys for our roller door systems. The high-quality heroal hwr powder coating and the double-layer thick coating ensure that our roller door products are weather resistant and have a long service life. During production, we make an active contribution to climate protection. We use recycled aluminium and only use water as a foaming agent for the foam filling in our roller door slats.

Which roller door system is right for me?

Here you can see an overview of the different heroal roller door systems. You can also compare the dimensions and features (wind load resistance and hailstorm resistance) of the individual systems.

heroal roller door systems

System comparison: Roller door systems

heroal RD 55
heroal RD 75
heroal OD 75
heroal RG 90
  • System dimensions
    Max. area [m2]
    heroal RD 55 10,5 heroal RD 75 16,0 heroal OD 75 16,0 heroal RG 90 18,0    
    Max. clear height [mm]
    heroal RD 55 3.000 heroal RD 75 5.000 heroal OD 75 heroal RG 90 4.000    
    Max. clear width [mm]
    heroal RD 55 3.500 heroal RD 75 6.000 heroal OD 75 4.000 heroal RG 90 4.500    
  • System properties
    Wind resistance
    heroal RD 55 1* heroal RD 75 4* heroal OD 75 4* heroal RG 90 ---    
    Resistance to burglary
    heroal RD 55 --- heroal RD 75 TTZ*** heroal OD 75 --- heroal RG 90 ---    
    Hail class
    heroal RD 55 5** heroal RD 75 6** heroal OD 75 6** heroal RG 90 ---    

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You can find all the information relating to our Roller door systems in our brochure.


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Your customers will know about your commitment to quality thanks to the “powered by heroal” label. Take advantage of targeted support for your company. As our partner, you will become an important part of the heroal brand, which means maximum support for your business. You will be able to purchase products from the entire heroal range and not just single components. You will therefore benefit from the highest level of system reliability.

  • Individual system and software training
  • First-class technical support
  • Individual marketing support, including website building
  • Personal support by responsible field sales team

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